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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae



Associate Professor 



Department of Political Science

Tunghai University

Phone: +886 4 2359 0121   Ext.:  36217





PhD            The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Dec. 2008)            

                  Major: Political Science      

                  Specialization: Political Psychology 

                                           Congressional Politics

                  Dissertation Chair: John R. Hibbing 

                  Dissertation topic: Individualism and Civic Engagement in

                                                Comparative Perspective


MA           The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2005)

                  Major: Political Science         

                  Thesis Chair: Elizabeth Theiss-Morse

                  Thesis topic: Economic Individualism, Social Individualism,

                                       and Political Participation 


BA             Chinese Culture University (2001)    Taipei, Taiwan

                 Major: Journalism                         



  • Liu, Frank C.S. and Albert Shihyi Chiu (2011). “Network Heterogeneity, Partisan Defection, and Voter Turnout: Examine Theory with Empirical Data from Taiwan. International Journal of Business and Social Science. 2,19: 258-272. Peer-reviewed.
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi and Yu Chung Shen (2012). “Citizens’ Attitudes toward the Exercise of the Semipresidential System in Taiwan”. National Chiayi University General Education Center Bulletin. 10.: 65-93. (in Chinese). Peer-reviewed.
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi (2012). “Conflict Avoidance, cross-cutting exposure and political inactivity” Journal of Humanities and Social Science in National Taitung University. (in Chinese). Peer-reviewed.
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi (2013). “Social Harmony and Its Implication for Political Participation: the Case Study of Public Opinion in Taiwan in 2013.” NPUST Humanities and Social Sciences Research. 7,1:1-27 (in Chinese). Peer-reviewed. This project is funded by Taiwan’s National Science Council (NSC 99-2410-H-029-005).
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi (2013). “The Information-driven Lawmaking Process in the Legislative Yuan’s Committees: A Case Study of Sewage Treatment Infrastructure in Taiwan.” The Soochow Journal of Political Science (TSSCI). 31,4: 71-159 (in Chinese). This project is funded by Taiwan’s National Science Council (NSC102-2420-H-002-001-Y10225) and (NSC103-2420-H-002-001-Y10225).
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi (2014). “The Effect of Political Campaign Activities on the Knowledge Gap in Taiwan: A Case Study on the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections.” The Taiwanese Political Science Review (TSSCI). * 18,2:271 271-342.

TSSCI stands for Taiwan Social Science Citation Index and is created by Taiwanese government’s National Science Council. TSSCI Journals are more selective about the acceptance rates than other peer-reviewed journals.



  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi (2013). “Public Attitude towards the Legislative Yuan and Its Implications for the Executive-legislative Relations in Taiwan” in the Changing Relationship between the Administration and the Legislature in Taiwan. Taipei, Taiwan: Wunan Press.


  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi, “An Preliminary Investigation of the Legislators’ Speeches in the Congressional Committees in the Legislative Yuan.”
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi, “The Legislative Powers of the President of Taiwan in the Semi-presidential framework.”
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi. “Civic Education and Political Knowledge: a Hybrid Model of the Fixed Effects and the Random Effects.” The Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy (TSSCI, Revise & Resubmit)
  • Chiu, Albert Shihyi and Chiao Yi Song “Campaign Activities, News Report and Voters’ Impression of Candidates: a Case Study of Taipei Mayoral Election in 2014.” The Soochow Journal of Political Science (TSSCI, Revise & Resubmit).


Tunghai University

                Congressional Politics; Political Development in Taiwan;

                Primary Statistics (lectured in English); Intro to Political

                Science (lectured in English); Comparative Politics (lectured in


University of Nebraska at Lincoln

                Public Issues in America (POLS 232), Fall 2008

                Developmental Politics in East Asia (POLS 274), Spring 2007


  • “The Presidents’ legislative power in the president-parliamentary system: the case studies of Ma Ying Jeou’s and Chen Shui Bian’s administrations.” This project is currently funded by Taiwanese government’s National Science Council in 2016. ($13,181USD)
  • “The multiple principle-agent model and its application in Legislative Yuan's committeesthe case study of the seventh and the eighth Legislative Yuans” (104-2410-H-029-018) This project was funded by Taiwanese government’s National Science Council in 2015. ($15,666 USD)

  •  Information model in Taiwan’s legislature: the case study of sewer system in Taiwan.” This project was funded by Global Research & Education on Environment and Society, 2013-2015. ($6,300 USD)

  • Teaching grant for civic education class was funded by Civic and Law Related Education Institute in 2012. ($1,818 USD)

  • Individualism, Collectivism and Political Participation in Taiwan” (99-2410-H-029-005). This project was funded by Taiwanese government’s National Science Council in 2000. ($9,090 USD)

  • Academia Sinica Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Taipei, Taiwan - July 2008~ June 2009. ($12,000 USD, Declined)

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2004-2005, “Media Bias and the Second Intifada”, Provided by Professors John Gruhl and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse. ($2,500 USD)


  • Congressional Politics
  • Political Psychology



  • English
  • Chinese



  • Member of American Political Science Association 2007-2008
  • Member of Midwest Political Science Association 2006-2007
  • Member of Midwest Political Science Association 2010-2011




  • John R. Hibbing, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, email:

  • Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Nebraska at Lincoln,

  • Wu, Chung-Li, Research Fellow, Institute of Political Science. Academia Sinica, email:


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